Monday, July 25, 2011

BLOG: the playground

Thanks Coco Khan..!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

MADE: Fika Stool

These stools were made as part of a small refit we did to the roof terrace at Swedish restaurant Fika on Brick Lane. These chair were made from the remaining table tops. The timber was supplied by that dude Stephen who sells wood near the car park behind Brick Lane. Stephen is very proud of his wood. Rightly so, its nice timber...

MADE: Morito Benches - Darth Vader Edition

Sometimes in Hoxton you need the force...

PEOPLE: Philipp

Philipp contacted us through the website and was interested in coming in and building some furniture. Philipp had been a cabinet maker in his native Germany but has worked as an office bound London architect for the past few years. Philipp is good. Very good. I still find it difficult to tell the scale model from the finished product in these shots. He's knowledge of materials and applications of rough wood have blown open the possibilities of what can be done with waste materials. And you havent even seen he's coffee table yet...!!  Thank you Philipp.

PEOPLE: Reuben

Reuben is very good at making things.  He whipped this bench out one day between breakfast and lunch. Then he came back the next day and made a coffee cart (soon to be serving coffee in hoxton). He even made the wheels.  At the moment he is working on a series of lights that are pretty much the coolest shit ever. Oh and he has made a wall mounted shelving unit. All from pallets.  More pics to come....

MADE: Susannah's twin set

We met Susannah one Sunday evening on Exmouth Market and she instantly got our concept. She fell in love with the ICI pink version of the pallet bench and stool and was intent on having a set commissioned for the interior of her apartment. Susannah was one of the first people to openly embrace (read: pay upfront) for our Clerkenwell Design Week furniture and gave us the encouragement to develop the concept further.  

MADE: Morito Bench

Morito is a resturant on Exmouth Market. It is next door to Moro, they share a kitchen. Even when I lived in Australia I had heard about Moro. My beautiful girlfriend's parents had the cookbook. And although i shouldnt say this, their cooking is partly responsible for my early commitment to the relationship.  To have our furniture in a place like Morito is the most amazing things ever. Thanks for the support (and the beautiful girlfriend). 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Alessandro Mistrulli

I met Alessandro out front of the Exmouth Market shop one morning. I think he may have been lost and i didnt really understand what he was saying but we met up a few weeks later and he presented some of the most amazing work. He's work aligns perfective with what we are doing. Everything is handmade. He prints everything himself. amazing, See more of his work at

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MADE: Coffee Tables

Following on from the Exmouth Market Pallet Project we have progressed the design to make coffee tables. Here are two examples. (Thanks Dan and Rob for letting us show your new tables..!!)

NEW SHOP : 151 Hoxton Street

We now have a new workshop at 151 Hoxton Street. N1 6PJ. We are using the shop to design and build all the furniture. Its great to be in this part of London.  Our aim is to use materials that already exist, are considered waste and are proximate to the location where our furniture is made. So we are looking forward to working with the people of Hoxton to minamise waste and have a positive impact on the (pretty amazing) community.